Who are my Supporter's & What do they do?

My supports are business from all around the UK with etsy shops/Facebook shops etc. They all support mental health awareness just by being here, and to show their support they have helped me to network and build our community, they have also given you excess to special discount codes for their shops through this website, a lot of them have mental health and self-care associated products so I encourage you to look at what they have to offer. Some of them have provided free downloads, well others have even sent free products for our monthly giveaways, you will be able to enter these giveaways if you are signed up to my newsletter, or part of my Facebook group. Their kindness has been overwhelming and I cannot express how grateful I am to them. So please pop over to see them via the links and give them a like from Hobbies for Happiness. Each Thursday I will be putting one of my supports in the limelight and blogging about them on my support of the week blog, and sharing them through social medias and doing a few product reviews.  

Below you will find each of my Supporters

Click the drop down boxes to find out more about each supporter, plus their discount codes.



handmade Leather Travellers Notebooks, Planner Accessories, Gifts and Stationery Boxes.

The ONLY place to buy the Ugly Bug Planner Facebook 



Anisa makes beautiful Handmade Jewellery & gifts inspired by her travels & custom orders

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



The Moonstruck Goddess

Lizz is a great artist

with some great products for mental health

In Lizz shop your find, Stationary, think notebooks, stickers and Cards.
Wooden Handmade Items, think Bespoke Keepsake boxes & plaques...
Colouring Books! (Made by Lizz!)


can enter HAPPYHOBBIES at the checkout for 10% off orders over £5.


Makes Gorgeous planner clips, charms, jewellery & accessories

Find her on Facebook & Instagram and use the code

 INSTACC 10% off over £5


Jade makes the most beautiful foil washi tape and stickers

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Hoopla Stationery

Tanya is the planner addict behind Hoopla Stationery.

I offer a range of printed planner inserts for you to choose from, so you can make your planner perfect! Check  Tanya out on Facebook

Instagram , Twitter


Download Tanya's Free A5 

mood tracker printable below.


runs organised papercraft and scrapbooking workshops. leads classes, and teaches bespoke group class.


Find CalSummers on FaceBook anyone who contacts cal and quotes Hobbies for Happiness can have 10% off their first class


Hattie make zines and mini patches based around mental health recovery

Find her shop below


Cherry Blossom In The Market Square

makes beautiful planner custom fabric goodies

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Prints in Pyjamas

Make awesome Mugs/T-shirts and Personalised  coaster's

Find them on Instagram & Facebook 

Use the code HFH20 to get 

20% off anything in store.



Etsy shop for Planner Supplies, Stickers and much more.

Find on Instagram & Web

Use my code in the shop to get 15% off £8 or over


Bless It Forward

Makes beautiful paper-cuts designed and created all by Emma


Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Stardust Homemade Crafts

Mother(Kim) and daughter(Claire), create various homemade items,

All made with love and care

Lovely planner stickers , Cards, Wallets, Stamped Jewellery, bracelets, canvases etc. check them out on Facebook Instagram

OliHarri Creations

The home of handmade personalised & bespoke gifts to suit every occasion

Find her on Facebook 



Purple Blossom Jewellery

Makes hand stamped jewellery and gifts

Everything Kirsty makes is personalised to suit each individual, making each piece unique! Check her out on Facebook and get a 10% discount at her shop with the code H4H10


Planner accessories and stationery items

Facebook & Instagram


designs by barbi


               Barbara make the most beautiful Personally designed Bespoke and hand painted pieces: from canvess pumps to show stopping heels.& lots more

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



M A Crafty Creations

Michelle makes blankets and has just started dying her own yarn.

Check out Michelle on Facebook


Makes Crystal Gemstone Jewellery, the stones used are believed through the ages to help deal with the effects of depression

Find her on Facebook & Instagram


The delightful unicorn

Pretty stationery, planner accessories and gifts.                

Find her on Facebook & Instagram




lovely Handmade Soy Wax Melts

(so relaxing)

Find her on Facebook 



Eva aims for the lovely items in her shop to not be made with anything new using Recycled and previously unloved items to make beautiful bunting and homeware.

Find her on Facebook & Instagram 

Coupon code for a 10% discount - hfh10



Makes beautiful cute planner stickers, and accessories  

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Little Gem's Creations

 Gemma makes beautiful jewellery called fiddle necklaces these can inspire or holistically help a persons general wellbeing and anxiety. She also create jewellery from paper, gemstones, broken jewellery.

Find her on Facebook & Instagram





Handmade jewellery, accessories and planner charms.

Find her on Facebook & Instagram use the Code HAPPY15 – 15% off orders over £5




Claire Makes Personalised Candles and gifts

Find her on Facebook Also use the code E2017 which gives you 25% off any purchase



Beautiful Hand stamped jewellery Gifts and Keepsakes

Find her on Facebook & Instagram

use the code MHBLOG10 for a 10% discount



Sarah makes & stocks beautiful stationery, Wish bracelets & milestone cards

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Lesley's Driftwood And Pebble Art

Lesley makes amazing personalised pebble art work.

Find her on Facebook 




Let's Go Baa-Less

makes hand knitted vegan item's

Find her on Facebook & Instagram



Information about becoming a supporter.
Hey guys, I'm so very happy that you are considering becoming a supporter of hobbies for happiness, hfhgroup1@gmail.com

What’s expected of you?

I do not want money! I do not expect anything from you, being a supporter is about spreading the word that we support MENTAL HEALTH WELLBEING, that we craft and we love it. some supporters chose to give my readers discount codes or send me freebies for giveaways to promote and support our mental health community, this is optional

Should we share it?

I would love for you to share the group through your social medias and blogs YES please!

How do I become a supporter?

So simple,
If you email your name and your business name plus all the links you want me to promote for you and If you wish to give me a logo or image I can use for your link that would be great email above.

where will I find my links?

I will include them on my supporters page http://www.themixandmatchplanner.online/...

How else will you promote me?

Every now and again I will share/repost your posts and links or pages up on Instagram.
Every Thursday I do a blog post about one of my supporters and promote them through social medias its just to say hey we support mental health and spread the word, if you send me any products I will try my best to review them open and honestly and then I will add them to the giveaways.

Do I have to send giveaway products?

NO, but if you do they will be reviewed on YouTube and the blog open and honestly, helping to promote you and me and giving some lucky person a chance to win a whole bunch of lovely stuff and put a smile on someone’s face.
I really hope this helps please read the group rules as well.
Thank you so much I hope to hear from you soon
Karleigh Riches x the mix and match planner x