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June 12, 2017 themixandmatchplanner

Embracing others in Business

So we as crafters all have that time when we are swiping through Facebook and Instagram and we see that other crafter doing similar crafts to our own. It's unavoidable there will always be more then one person that makes bracelets, candles, cards, stickers, papercuts and so on!

When I opened my paper flower business years ago it would drive me crazy every time I saw someone making them, or even asking advice on how to make them! And unfortunately we all have those moments of unrespectable behaviour, like people taking our photos from our website and pages removing the watermarks and trying to claim them as their own and as a business it's a shame you have to deal with this. I'd get so upset and felt I couldn't deal with it in the end I stopped making them,

I look back now and I regret this as people still ask me to make them I had my products placed in professional bouquets windows displays, I was asked to do a number of professional shoots, and magazines and people bought them as there own wedding bouquet. I didn't see the good in it and always put myself down.



So I decided about a year ago to start making planner stickers for myself and I loved it I wanted to share this but its a very competitive market to be in, and I let my self doubt get in my way yet again.

But earlier this year I was expected onto a sticker shop design team your world of colour this was a massive goal and achievement for me, and watching carlyann do what she does best made my confidence grow in myself she is an inspiration.

Also opening hobbies for happiness with so much doubt in my head and seeing how it has grown over the past weeks has finally given me the boost to do something for me!

So I decided I wanted to open my own Etsy planner sticker shop.

Being on a planner sticker shop design team was the scary part of it I was so frightened that carlyann would think I was copying her even though my stickers are very different from hers  I was so worried she would kick me off her team not only that I have grown very found of her as a mentor and friend and didn't want to upset her. 

I spent weeks crying letting my self doubt get in the way. Until one day I finally plucked up the courage to tell her. I was shaking and crying.
But carylann being the amazing person that she is embraced my new adventure and even offered her greatly appreciated advice and help!

I was so overwhelmed by this. Carlyann has taught me and inspired me to embrace others in the business and so I hope I can do the same for you.
And I am extremely nervous but happy to announce my shop is now open!


Don't self doubt.
Don't be scared to try.
Don't let your anxiety get in your way ride it!
Embrace others they may be able to help.
Be as inspiring as carlyann.

If It's overwhelming/upsetting have a rest step back for a minute and look at the positives and why you started in the first place.

Don't give up.

You can do this believe in yourself.

Live your dreams.

Thank you carlyann. Xx


All words are our own experiences , thoughts and feeling please seek professional help if needed some links below. All pictures are C/O your world of colour protected by the website 'Copyright'(C) the mixandmatchplanner/hobbiesforhappiness 2016-2018

March 16, 2017 themixandmatchplanner

Today I will be sharing with you, the first half of my beginner’s series. Ok so first thing first, let's get this straight, there is no right or wrong way to plan there are no rules in planning, if you want to plan, plan your way, it’s your planner after all.

So, planning what is it? and why do I do it?

Well, it is to organize, whether that's organizing your day, week, month, goals, wedding, pregnancy, meal planning, fitness plan, budget plan, study plan, self-care planning, or you want to track your medication, your health, your spending, your moods etc. The list goes on and on, but basically you want to organize something and put it somewhere so you can visually see it. It’s like having a pin board, with all your appointments and to-dos organized nicely and put away in your bag!
So, I do planning to stay on top of things, I'm a busy mum of 3 kids, 4 pets and a wonderful husband, which means clubs, different schools, doctors, hospital, optician, parties, assembly, work, etc. .... none stop, madness!!! But also, being a suffer of depression and having breakdowns in the past, I need to stay organized visually, and not let things clutter my head too much. I can become to overwhelmed by letters, appointments and to-dos and then start to ignore the letters, phone calls and bills which gets me in an even deeper hole, when having depression, the day-to-day things are hard to cope with, so to have a structured routine is another part of why I plan. my health is important and I need to keep on track.

What do I use to plan? and why do I use more than one planner?

Well, yes, I’m an addict for pretty planners I admit it, but also, I separate my budget/ everyday to-do's /blog and web stuff and journaling into different planners, this way it does get to on top of me and I don't have to lug it all around in my bag. also, more to decorate.


For my everyday planning I have a TN from LyraandCo which is my day-to-day go to planner, I have a weekly lay out, month layout, yearly layout, pockets for letters and a notebook which I brain dump in. Also, I have a self-care insert. It's a standard ex wide fauxdoir I have 6 notebooks in mine.





 A TN is a traveler’s notebook it's just a fabric or leather outer shell with elastic that you keep your notebooks in more details watch my YouTube video below. lyraandco do some amazing products, Jane's fabric and leather doir's are just to die for and I can't stop dribbling over them check her pictures out Instagram you will soon fall in love and want one, or two, or more.




The inserts I'm currently using are annieplansprintables,  these are downloaded printable’s, they are the weekly vertical on four pages, which come with a month section, month tracker and notes section.



Annie does lots of different types of inserts and ring bound planner printable’s. In my next blog I will give a more detailed description on how to print and cut these and much more info on her printable's. I also really TravelersTimes her inserts are such nice quality a great price, and she also does notebooks in lots of colours and sizes and lovely leather Travelers Notebooks which can be personalized, what more can you ask for.



I do sometimes, if I’m on a NO spend week make my own, inserts, and I love designing my own dashboards etc. I really enjoy being creative with this, it where I'm most comfortable.



 Then I have my Filofax which will soon be my budget planner so I can cope with bills, budget, spending etc. This one comes from whsmith it's a go to place for first time planners This is ring bound and is great for customizing. The insert that came with this would be great for a first-time planner.



Last is my big boy, my simple stories A5 carpe diem which I use for journaling. It's from one of my favourite shops Craftie-charlie this online shop it’s great for anything crafty and they have a great points system also the girls are just lovely always happy to answer questions, and help with anything. I journal my positive thoughts and feelings and goals in the horizontal inserts which came with the planner when I bought it. It really is my happy place. These inserts are great for stamping, inking, water colouring as they are very thick. the inserts are undated which is a great feature as you can use them on any week.



 A great planner for people who want a at home planner, but too big for me as a travel planner. I talk in a lot more detail about the planners and inserts in my YouTube video below. 
(optional). These cute little Paperclips are from ThePensnicketyCo they are great for planner accessories in the UK. They do some lovely gifts and pens too.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a planner, start with a notebook pen post-it-notes if you don't want to invest in the pretty planners straight away try it out before you buy, Draw a line down the middle of the page write appointments in one half and to-dos in the other. you don't need to spend a bunch of money on planning, it can be done your why and if that's with a notebook let it be. It can always be done on a budget.

 I really hope that has helped a little, watch out for my next planner blog if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask and maybe I will make a video about it.

Happy Planning

Karleigh xxx


This week’s plan in my annieplans printables. Sticker’s from your world of colour etsy shop check them out and don't forget to use my code.





A special thank you to LyraandCo

and TravelersTimes for use of images.

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