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September 12, 2017 themixandmatchplanner


I'm very new to the group but it helps just to know that there is a community there that understands

where my head can be sometimes!

It helps me because I don't get out much and don't have anyone I love seeing all your crafts.

I've been blown away by how much this group has helped me with my own struggles.
The radio show that I start tomorrow would not be possible without the confidence boost I've received from everyone here
Thank you all so much for everything and Karleigh you've literally got no idea how much you've helped and inspired me

to me it's not a run of the mill support group, it's a group of friends, some may say but you've never met.....doesn't matter I feel an affinity with most of the people here.


I love the intimacy of the group. This hasn't changed with growing numbers. I know I am free from judgement here and have started sharing my own struggles for the first time in my life. This group has changed my family and life enormously and I can't imagine being without it and it's community.

positive people quotes (11)

I'm new to the group and love reading your posts and seeing your makes.
I just wanted to say that I have had a really good morning today.

have started journaling after being inspired by this group well it's more like writing my thoughts down, but I am feeling that it has helped me with my depression and is easing my anxiety slightly
This group has the friendliest and most supportive members of any group I've been part of! Thank you to all the admins who make this group work!


Keep sharing the good the bad and the stuff in between we love it,  l I wish I could put everything on here but i'd be here a while!

Also a massive Thank you to my beautiful amazing admin girls who with out this group wouldn't even run

Positive hugs




May 25, 2017 themixandmatchplanner

WOW What a week?


Well what a massive week for HFH we have grown even more over this week to almost 300, you might have seen me crying over this woops, I'm so overwhelmed and grateful for everyone's support, this has helped me just as much as it has helped any of you, I'm loving seeing all the positivity, friendship's growing and sharing going on in the community and even though its been a hard week for all of us with recent events I think being here for each other and talking is super great.  it's such a massive task I have taken on here but I wouldn't have it any other way you are all truly talented people and I could never of imaged how much my idea would help others. Don't forget to check the blog post from uglybugplans

  Sending big fat hug's

    and Smiles  

Karleigh xxx


This week's challenge was a to take time out for you, and remember everyday to do some self care, and well I'm proud of how many of you joined in washing your hair, going for a walk, sitting in the sun, having a warm cuppa, eating yummy cake and best of all crafting. We even got some pictures which was great. We will have a little reflection on this on the live chat today and I will be giving you a new challenge to.  

Thank you everyone  x


You may see me struggling I see me as having done well...With all the recent happenings Having dealt with each in turn Life throws the balls regardless The depth of the curve up to me
Have walked the road impeccably whilst assuming nought at all Holding always impersonally arrows through the dark
Doing my best without a doubt
Amused at myself, a sure and honest friend
This isn't the end of anything dear
But a beginning begun again !!


So many of you are sharing I cant keep up, we had a beautiful poem this week, thank you. We watched Carole and her dog Molly dance, which was so funny. I cried all of the place again on live chat and shared my sale product of the week., lots of potatoes. Well done Becky for getting your frazzled book, Michelle started work and hasn't shouted at anyone yet well done! Gemma shared her little man's drawing, Sarah asked for advice on a new craft YAY!! and as always Jeanette's granddaughters continue to make us smile. We shared what we are grateful for and we shared are thoughts and prayers for Manchester. Please share your funny stories, good news and even videos.

Well done guys xx


This weeks chat is based around our business supporters and any information about how to become one etc.

The crafty gallery will be uploaded today and will open again on Monday please beware you can upload as many photos as you like to the page but for them to be on the website they have to go in the gallery post comments.

Giveaway finishes at 6.30pm today and winners will be announced on live chat.

This weeks challenge will be announced in the live chat.

Please continue to self care.



WE HAVING A GIVE AWAY....... please find the give away post on the Facebook group.

Barbi is giving away a custom phone case

Uglybug plans craft club kit

TheWoodwitch wooden sign

Unicorn Print from Bless it Forward

Moonstruck Goddess Mindfulness colouring book 

Make sure you enter in time!


It was so hard to pick this week, I wish we could pick everyone,



Allie's Inspirational story,

Hi guys, I'm Allie

I've suffered from severe asthma from the age of 13, been classed as one of the most severe asthmatics in the south West too. I take a lot of medicine for the condition and these come with many side effects that restrict what I can do in life, my loss of feeling in my right hand is one of these side effects. However, I studied for a degree in glass and graduated as a BA(hons) in glass in 2014 as I really enjoyed the material and working with it. During my degree I had numerous hospital admissions and these became so boring I had to find things to keep me occupied so I turned to my making skills, but now it's become an essential part of my life having things to do as I'm in hospital every six-eight weeks for a week or two at a time. So I kind of turn my hand to a lot of things, but making tiaras, book folding and my decorative trees are the main things I choose as it doesn't take up too much space. Depression is a very prominent issue in my life, I am lucky enough to have friends and family I can turn to who are a massive support to me and I know I'm lucky for this as many don't have anyone to talk to. Making is one of the ways I zone out on everything and disappear from the stress, my escape from it all for a while. If it wasn't for my making I think I'd go stir crazy so there will always be something on the go to keep me busy! If it wasn't for depression of my hand deadness amongst other illnesses, I wouldn't need crafting in my life, so I'd like to thank my depression, it's made me who I am and far more enriched!!!

Thank you Allie This show's us that everything happens for a reason and mental health is NOT a bad thing to be ashamed of what an amazing and inspiring women Allie is.



A big shout out and well done to Sarah, who this week made it to the shops not once but twice I'm super proud of your achievement Sarah and you should be so proud of your self, you always bring brightness to our group thank you x

A big shout out and well done to Becky, who had a productive day this week and managed to get a lot of house work done, and remembering to take it steady. I'm Proud of you Becky and know how hard it can be to be productive sometimes. Thank you for sharing.

HFH Shares xxx
OUR SPACE! I’m very new to the group but it helps just to know that there is a community there
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May 17, 2017 themixandmatchplanner

Little Gems Creations

Morning everyone, so lets get into it. I have anxiety, as many of you know and  I know many of you do in in the Facebook group,
Some days I will be fine and other days it will creep up on me and take over, and its not just the new things I haven't done before it can be an everyday things,

like getting the bus, standing in the post office line, talking to someone in the street, going to the shop, picking up the phone, the school run is the worst, NO I might have to speak to someone.

I could even be sat at home with a cuppa, thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, and then I remember I have to pick up my son after clubs,


Its there that doubt voice in your head like a little devil on your shoulder your stomach starts to do summer salts your heart starts to race, you start to get hot and shake you want to cry find anyway to avoid doing what you have to do you feel like your going to have a heart attack and everyone's eyes are on you, I WANT TO escape!

So I have tried lots of little things to help me when I'm in these situations breathing techniques, Mindfulness, reading on the bus etc. Some help a little, some don't. The hardest thing as a mother is to know that your child suffers with anxiety, and my son has special needs and suffers badly with anxiety, we have to do a lot's of trips to hospital and we both find this hard, so when he asked me for a fidget cube and spinner, I thought what the hell lets give it a try.

Well I must say I was surprised by the benefits.

My son doesn't go to a mainstream school so his school allow fidget toys if anything they promote the use of them, they told me how it had improved his concentration calmed his ticks and helped his anxiety! YES I'm onto a winner here! So my other son's of course needed one no show without punch ahy!

I decided to try it out for myself it really helped on the bus to keep my hands busy but I felt a little silly with it.

So when Gemma from Little Gems Creations contacted me asking to be involved as a supporter on the website, and showed me pictures her new creations, fiddle necklaces I got so super excited not only are they beautiful but you can where them all the time.

What more could you want!

So me being me I'm a difficult customer, I have an allergy to silver, but Gemma was super helpful with this and soon my product will be on its way I cant wait to show it off to you all.

So when Gemma from Little Gems Creations contacted me asking to be involved as a supporter on the website, and showed me pictures her new creations fiddle necklaces I got so super excited not only are they beautiful you can where them all the time but they help with anxiety What more can you want! so me being me I'm a difficult customer I have an allergy to silver, but Gemma was super helpful with this and soon my product will be on its way I cant wait to show it off to you all.


So here's a little bit more about Gemma and here amazing creations

I love her paper beads as well so pretty, Gemma is a lovely open and honest crafter who has had her own struggles but is a fighter lets supporter her and her business.

Hello everyone,
My names Gemma and I'm the owner of Little Gem's Creations,
 I'm a busy mum who loves to craft, My business is based in Tickhill, Doncaster.
I don't have a craft room or desk so anywhere that is comfy for me when my boys have gone to bed is where I craft. When I was a teenager, My sister bought me a jewellery making kit , and I become inspired.
My paper beads came about when I approached a friend of mine to display and sell some items in her Eco-friendly, fair trade shop so that's when my upcycling and recycling started. I like to tell a story to people what and where the beads are created from as most people aren't aware of paper craft.
 I have created some necklaces called fiddle necklaces, this came about as I am one that is constantly on the go, dwells on the past and gets anxious (at times) so always fiddling with my wedding ring, I created a necklace that I could use instead, could be done in bracelet too. I think these might be suitable and easy on the pocket as I know the limitations of people's money. 
I'm hoping to expand and incorporate stretchy bracelets and gemstones of certain colours as these can inspire or holistically help a persons general wellbeing.
 Also,  my paper jewellery  can be custom as the list of colours is endless dependent on what I use. It's also good for showing the world that its quirky recycling that anybody can do.

What made you consider getting involved in Hobbies for happiness?

 I happened to come across HFH by chance as trying to get my craft out there for something different to the normal jewellery, so glad I did.  My background both personally and working has been based around mental health. I worked directly and indirectly with mental health patients for a number of years within the NHS before I left to have my eldest child, I plan to return once their older.  I worked in community groups and medical records so as you would expect I had to read all information at times due to data protection. 

At a young age I lost my sister to Down syndrome so in some ways reverted and blocked the bad bits (8year old), close family members have struggled and are struggling with mental health. I've always been a caring person but have always been self conscious and introverted, but as my age grows I become less bothered and especially been more creative had brought that out of me as it my hobby turning business.

Thank you so much Gemma for being a supporter of hobbies for happiness,

Make sure to check out Gemma by clicking the button below. x

Sending smiles
to you all.
Karleigh xx

All information in this blog is written by me. all images are c/o Little gems creation


HFH Shares xxx
OUR SPACE! I’m very new to the group but it helps just to know that there is a community there
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May 9, 2017 themixandmatchplanner
Well first,
Thank you for all the support I have had since launch day, last Thursday I'm overwhelmed by the support and response people have shown.
Mental health awareness is such an important subject and sharing coming together and talking about it is so important.

So how does crafting help me?

Being creative gives me an outlet to express my emotions.

It's not just a hobby it's a way of life.

Its proven that it can improve mental health wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.

Being creative helps me to focus and stay in control of things in my life. Having mental health one of the things I suffer with most is loss of control, not being able to control my emotions, and reactions to life situations. The smallest thing can set my emotions and moods off like a ticking time boom.

We all do things to stay in control who cleans obviously when things of difficulty? I know I do.  It's because we feel out of control of the situation and need to control something in our life's, some of us work and work because it's away of being in control of our illness, and escaping it, self harm again is a coping mecanisem but also a way of putting our emotions that we cant control into a physical and visible thing.

 Being creative in anyway helps us to stay in control like cleaning etc, but also is a powerful tool in allowing us to express our emotions without hurting ourselves or having a show home that no one comes to.

You can use your craft your project as a mindfulness anchor let it focus ur mind elsewhere.

Colours reflect our moods,

Using different colours in our projects can reflect the way we feel trust me I did a study as part of my diploma on the Psychology of Colour, (it's not as boring as it sounds, in fact super interesting ) for instance blue can be a very calming colour, its said it lowers blood pressure and gives a sense of security (hence my use of blue through out my logo and website)  . So next time your crafting  make sure u splash a little blue around.


Sophistication, powerful, mysterious , associated with seriousness. Also associated with Sex, Evil, Death and Mystery.  

A relaxing colour. Blue lowers blood pressure, can be calming,  and gives a sense of security, confidence, and affection.

Organic, earthy colour. It can make you feel cosy.

Soothes pain and is associated with optimism, life, growth. May make one feel happy, clean, relaxing.

friendly, relaxing and ambitious.

This is a youthful, feminine colour. A soft, sensitive colour. A HAPPY colour.


My favourite colour,
Can be associated with royalty. A contemporary colour. associated feelings, mournful creative, Spirituality, Passion, wisdom, dignity.

Raises the blood pressure, stimulates appetite and conversation and is often associated with excitement, action, Love and impulse.

White is often associated with purity, cleanliness, Nothingness, clean, sterile. In some cultures death or mourning, and virginity.

A highly emotional colour.

After long periods of time, yellow can give feelings of anger and hostility. However, yellow, in small doses, is a friendly, Joy, cheerfulness, energy.


Stability, Security and strength of character.


Happy crafting guys,

make sure you keep sharing the facebook group, IG page, and website with your friends and family's.

Karleigh x

Everything that is written in this blog is my own experiences and words.

March 25, 2017 themixandmatchplanner

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to


Taking small steps in creating everyday goals when you have mental health is one of the biggest things I promote towards feeling positive/and healthy. Taking giant leaps can become overwhelming, and push you back. Learn how to step back and break things down into small manageable chucks. You’re still working on your big goal just in a healthy way. It's all about retraining your brain to think before you do. without setting goals, there is no sense of progress and Goals can be used for living a better life, when having mental health goal setting Can be hard but can help you to keep Motived, give you hope and help towards your planning for the future. you can manage your mental health in small chucks and there’s nothing better than Achieving a small goal each week its satisficing and rewarding. Goals should not be a burden or a chore they as they won’t work therefore I say small and manageable. work your way up it should become a motivational tool in your everyday/week routine.


How to set goals

Make sure your goals are realistic and you’re not setting yourself up for a fail before even starting. Manageable chunks.............

Make it clear.

Write it down and let it out we have millions of thoughts every second in our head. It helps to organize it and focus on it, and then your brain automatically starts to think about how to act on it.

Break it down.

What do you want to achieve?

A walk

What Challenges will you come across?


What do you need to do?

1.  put your shoes on

2. open the door

3. step out side

4. walk to the end of the path

5. that's good enough for today

6. tomorrow I will do it again.   

breaking these things down will help you to see them more clearer and help you to focus on them in a more positive way, building your self-esteem as you go.

WRITE IT DOWN.........



Do you need support to reach your goal?

"I know I did", think about someone that can help you with your goal and how they can help you. Tell them how you feel about what you want to achieve and how you can overcome that together.

Share your goals with family’s/friends we want to hear them, I want to know what you’re doing and how you’re doing them share on Facebook or#mygoalsteps on Instagram Let support each other and sharing my help you to feel more committed to your goal.

Stay Positive

Believe in yourself......


Give your self-credit Share your achievements, give yourself a pat on the back and a reward, and reflect on it how did it make you feel god where you scared did you freak out yeah! but did you do it did you achieve it and doesn't that feel great?


If you don’t achieve your goal it's ok you tried, maybe it’s not time maybe you’re not there yet but that's ok I have had many of these step back rethink it, break it down even more brainstorm it length the time on it or try a goal that you know you can complete to boost your confidence like making sure you eat one piece of fruit a day it may seem silly but actually it’s a goal you can a achieve have fun with and its boosting your amine system.  

You Will Do It!

Karleigh xxx


Join my small goal a week challenge.

Every week I will post a small goal challenge via the links below these will be set on a Saturday 9am GMT but you can join in whenever.

Add your pictures to your social media and tag us,#mygoalsteps #hfh add them to our groups, and look out for a mention on the website and in our Newsletter.

Your Personal goals,

Tell us what you did.

Have you been working towards a goal, Did you achieve your positive goal or a self-challenge today?

I’m interested and I want to know what made you feel good and congratulation you.