I'm so Happy your here

Well my name is Karleigh,
I'm a proud mother of three amazing boys, A wife to my best friend a amazing supportive husband, A pet owner to my beautiful dog, and my two cats ,I'm a member of MIND and a supporter of mental health, a design team member for your world of colour etsy shop, and a crafter. I'm also addicted to planning.

I'm also a over thinker over, worrier and over doer.

I have an event management diploma, and I also have enjoyed learning design and style, I have NVQ’S in health and social care and I have completed counselling courses but NO I’m not a professional.

I spent a long time with the little self-doubt voice in the back of my mind when thinking about putting this site together but I have come to the conclusion that this is my time, to stop doubting myself and jump in feet first, all the things I have completed in my life have never really fit, I am proud that I have completed them, but I suppose just I was just existing and not really living, 

that is until I become ill through mental health, really debilitating ill , I have always suffered from mental health from a young age. Just never diagnosed or even listened to. As a teen I was told I was being an attention seeker by professionals, I become a mum at a young age and had to learn to grow up fast.

I have always had a passion for art, but never felt I was good enough to carry it through (there’s that self-doubt again). until I become so ill I couldn’t even leave my bed I wanted to lay down and just die. it turned my life upside down, BUT with slow very slow progress  it having mental health changed me for the better. I see things more clearly, I take small steps every day and I do what I need to do for me, I decided I needed to do something with myself, a hobby so….

The crafting started it helped me to stay on track and focused. Then I found planning and fell into the planner community and what an amazing community it is, I was so surprised at how much planning helped and gave me self-satisfaction it got my life on track, and it had such a positive impact on everything I do, I integrated it into my recovery as part of my self-care routine. I started journaling, writing my negatives and happiness planning my goals and aspirations. It gave me confidence and encouragement. for the first time in my life I felt that I fit.

So I decided I wanted to build a crafting community for people’s self-care and share the little things I have learnt along the way. hobbies for happiness started to develop and the mixandmatchplanner (that’s me).

I took a leap of faith hoping I could inspire and help others to see how important having a hobby could be and how it could help changed your life for the better and how important it is to share our stories. I truly have been overwhelmed by the response from others when pitching my ideas, and the generosity of my supporters is just amazing.

Above all sharing our recovery and self-care tips together is so important. mental health awareness is so important whatever part of it you have, it can be such dark and lonely place, and can affect everyone around you, it can be crippling in so many ways and its real we lose lives because of it, I almost lost my live to it, leaving my babies, and my husband,

I decided to stand up and fight yeah it took me a long time and yeah I fight every day but what is important is I’m NOT fighting alone, and I’m taking steps to progress forward, and I hope others will take that journey with me.

So that is me I’m just your typical average joe that likes to talk, on a mission, with a passion. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we where given this life, no matter how hard it may be, lets make it a good story.

Warm hugs to you all,  

Karleigh x